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Holiday Break is Over! Here are This Week’s Hottest New Games in the App Store


We barely made it… As part of Apple’s usual tradition, the App Store team took a break over the holidays, meaning we had a week with no new game releases to talk about. Looking at what’s out this week, it might be taking some time for things to ramp back up… But that’s okay! Check out the trailers and details below to see what game will claim your early-January downtime.


Hundreds Universal
(4 stars with 862 Ratings)

Probably the most-anticipated of the bunch this week. Hundreds comes to us from Semi Secret Software, the same studio behind Canabalt. From the screenshots, all we can say is that it features shapes, numbers, and is apparently “a game about the space…” Just watch the trailer, huh?


Repulze Universal
(4 stars with 1016 Ratings)

There isn’t really one futuristic racer that’s risen to the top in the App Store, if you ask me, so here’s hoping Repulze might be the one. It costs a buck and the visuals look great, so that’s a start.

Catch the Ark

Catch the Ark Universal
(4 stars with 483 Ratings)

What if you got left behind before the great flood of Bible times? That’s the conundrum faced by the animals in Catch the Ark, which can be yours for 99 cents.

Om Nom: Candy Flick

Om Nom: Candy Flick Universal
(4 stars with 1941 Ratings)

Om Nom and augmented reality—how promising… Candy Flick is a free game that challenges you to flick treats into the monster’s mouth. I’m sold.

Lego Legends of Chima: Speedorz

LEGO® Legends of CHIMA: Speedorz™ Universal
(4 stars with 4387 Ratings)

These Lego characters have somehow snuck into every genre of gaming, and if you’re one of the people who thinks that’s awesome, then this free game is for you. Can’t say I’m experienced, but looks like some kind of racing is taking place in a place called Chima.

Swing King

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( stars with Ratings)

Physics games live on in the App Store for 2013, and looks like this one is the first… It’s 99 cents and involves a kingly character who needs to be swung across levels.

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