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Hot New iOS Games this Week! Asphalt 8: Airborne, Smash Bandits, Anima, and More


Hey, how about taking a break from all your gold-colored iPhone dreams and enjoying the black or white one that’s in your hand? This week brings lots of new games in the App Store to help serve that purpose, and we’ve handpicked the best below. Read on for trailers and details.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8: Airborne (4.5 stars with 186035 User Ratings)
Universal App

You’d think there’d be little reason to check out the latest entry in the Asphalt franchise. I mean, didn’t we experience all Gameloft had to offer during the first seven laps around the Asphalt track? Maybe not. Asphalt 8: Airborne feels like a new breed of arcade racing game. You are in the air and performing gravity defying stunts quite often. It is also getting great reviews, making us think it might be worth 99-cents and a few more of your hours. Watch the video we have made above to see just how exciting it can be!

Smash Bandits

Smash Bandits Racing (4.5 stars with 12066 User Ratings)
Universal App

Hutch Games is back with a follow up to their hugely-popular racing/destroying game Smash Cops. In Smash Bandits, you take a turn behind the wheel as the bad guy. Feel free to smash everything while making your escape from the authorities in this free title.


Anima (4 stars with 185 User Ratings)
Universal App

Can you collect more Energy Balls than your opponent? That’s the challenge in Anima, a 99-cent title from OutOfTheBit Ltd. The game takes place in 90-second chunks and looks pretty ideally-suited to be a realtime multiplayer hit on iOS.

Cloud Spin

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( stars with User Ratings)
iPad App

Prepare to step into the shoes of “Lucky”, a rabbit described as “fearless, adrenaline-fueled,” and determined to etch his name in the pillars of history as the greatest competitor to ever liveā€¦ Cloud Spin is a fantasy flying adventure featuring some great-looking environments, and we’re interested!


Grindcore (3.5 stars with 12 User Ratings)
Universal App


Love skateboarding almost as much as you love the band Senses Fail? If that’s you, we literally couldn’t imagine a game more suited to you than Grindcore. This left-to-right skateboarding platformer comes to us from Lincstar Technologies and–for whatever reason–lets you play as members of the post-hardcore band Senses Fail.

Dream House Days

Dream House Days (4.5 stars with 790 User Ratings)
Universal App

How about another sim from Kairosoft? In Dream House Days, you play as the architect and landlord of the coolest abode you can imagine. It’s free to play but features plenty of optional IAPs.

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