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How is Siri holding up? Survey finds users are still Talking to their Phones

Back when the iPhone 4S released, it was difficult for some to distinguish it from what had come before. After all, it looked the exact same and still had a ‘4’ in its name, so what had changed? Well, Siri had arrived, for one thing. And now that we’re well into the life of the iPhone 4S, a recent survey from Parks Associates has found that customers are still getting along with Apple’s voice-activated personal assistant.

It’s a good thing, too, since the marquee features of Siri remain as some of the main reasons to prompt an upgrade (along with the remarkable speed of the 4S). The survey shows that almost 90% of users leverage Siri at least once a month (there were 482 respondents). In breaking down that percentage, we find that the majority of those using Siri are doing things like placing calls, sending texts, or accessing their music. Anyone still using an older device will tell you that those same tasks can be accomplished using the antiquated voice commands of prior generations… The users doing things like scheduling meetings or accessing information via Siri only account for about 30%.

The overall level of satisfaction amongst those surveyed was found to be at 55%. Judging from what you see and hear these days, I’d say that sounds about right. There are lots of ways that Siri can help, but it seems that many are either unwilling or unaware… At the same time, others find niche tasks and put Siri to repetitive use on a daily basis.

Where you do you fall in the Siri debate? Was the feature oversold by Apple to hype the iPhone 4S, or is she truly a great innovation?

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