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Hungry Shark Hidden Items, Lost Objects, and Artifact Locations

Hungry Shark Part 1 is pretty fun. Its world also pack a sizable map. Thus finding all 10 hidden objects, items, and artifacts can be a little difficult. We have included the locations of these hard to find artifacts scattered in the Hungry Shark world. Acquiring the artifacts in the following order may make this task easier. See if you can find them all without first ending up as Shark Fin Soup.

Artifact 1: Vase

Vase is located just left of the beach where you started. It is a easy first artifact.

Caves of Doom

At the bottom left of the sea where the game starts lies the Caves of Doom. This is one of the two major areas in Hungry Shark. Collect 2 artifacts in the Caves of Doom.

Artifact 2: License Plate

This should be the first artifact you’ll pick up after entering the Caves of Doom

Artifact 3: Moon on the Stick

Deeper into the Caves of Doom lies Moon on the Stick.  It is to the left  of the License Plate.


To the right of the area where the game started lies Iceland.  A Total of 7 artifacts lies in this area.

Artifact 4: Crystal Skull

After returning to the Caves of Doom Sign, keep to the bottom of the ocean floor and go all the way to the right to find this crystal skull.

Artifact 5: Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart is near the bottom of the ocean floor to the left of the crystal skull.

Artifact 6: Boot

Boot lies in an area above the shopping cart.

Artifact 7: Trike

Trike lies further above the boot and just lies to the right the sign that reads “Iceland”

Artifact 8: Tire

Tire is located at the bottom right of Iceland.

Artifact 9: Space Helmet

Space Helmet is located in the iced waters near the top right of the Iceland area.

Artifact 10: Traffic Cone

Traffic Cone is located just left of the Space Helmet on a floating pile of ice.

10 Artifacts Collected!

Now that you’ve collected all ten artifacts, you can keep on eating to top the global leaderboard or download Hungry Shark part 2 to continue your quest in the deep seas.

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