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Infinity Blade 2 Review: Yes, it gets even Better!

The visual flair of the original Infinity Blade made it really hard to point out any flaws. But, looking back, we see that they were there… The story—though mysterious—was shallow and repetitive, and while the combat was innovative, it didn’t all play out as well as it could have…

I only feel comfortable nitpicking that great game because of what Chair Entertainment Group has done with the sequel. Infinity Blade 2 Infinity Blade II - Chair Entertainment Group, LLC is everything you might have hoped. All the things we loved about the original have been expanded and most of the rough spots smoothed over. There’s simply not a better looking game in the App Store. Maybe I’ll regret saying it later, but with Infinity Blade 2, Chair has used the Unreal Engine to slash its way to near perfection.

You’ll get the sense that this is a serious sequel right from the beginning, when you’re met with a beautifully crafted prologue that walks you through some fights and sets up the story. It’s clear right away that the narrative is going deeper this time, as it gets more meta and allows itself to gain complexity over time. For all the atmospheric, creepy moods found in the original, its great fun to see that competent writers are behind Infinity Blade, and they’ll definitely keep you interested in between the swiping battles.

The gameplay tweaks don’t change the formula that made the first Infinity Blade so awesome, but they do serve to improve the experience. For example, the parry action is far more precise and usable—which is a good thing, because you can’t endlessly dodge anymore without getting fatigued and taking damage. Other factors that change the experience (for the better) include things like dual weapons and weapon gems (for bonus effects). None of these things overhaul the sort of fights return gamers rightfully expect, but they definitely take them to the next level.

Since Infinity Blade offers fights that are exclusively one-on-one, it’s worth noting the obvious effort that has been put into mixing up the strategies of your opponents. Their attacks come at you from a slew of new angles, requiring quick reactions and a sense of timing that sometimes takes a while to grasp… The size of these monsters, their weapons, their armor—everything offers something new to look at and a more difficult challenge to be faced on the battle floor.

Infinity Blade continues to be the franchise to track for any self-respecting iOS gamer. Unfortunately, it’s understandable if certain players didn’t feel that way after their first experiences with this sequel. Some widely-publicized bugs and glitches kept it from performing at its peak on slightly older devices like the iPhone 4, and this led some to assume that Chair had dropped the ball. But after a few short days the developer was back in the App Store with an update to address some of these issues, and while not everything might be worked out just yet, we feel confident that Chair isn’t going to leave anyone behind, and you can bet that you’ll definitely get $6.99 worth of entertainment out of Infinity Blade 2.

In all the coverage of this game since it’s release, not once have I seen anyone refer to it as a letdown compared to the original. That question won’t even be on your mind from the moment you launch the app and get swept into its world.

Our Score: 5 Out of 5

Infinity Blade II - Chair Entertainment Group, LLC

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