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Infinity Blade II Gets Unique ClashMob Update, Along with a Price Cut and a Few other Gems

Fans of Infinity Blade II have to be more than pleased with today’s update for the extremely popular iOS game.

As many have been waiting for, ClashMob has finally been revealed, enabling a bit of a social experience as you take up your sword and weapons with not only hundreds, but even thousands of other players all across the world in concert with one another to achieve a common goal. There are currently three missions at the moment, with more to come soon, and one of those missions is to combine your mob’s efforts to deal 1 billion damage points to a monstrous creature in the span of 24 hours. Really all you need to do in order to succeed here and unlock some amazing treats is to rally your friends and contacts in order to create one massive mob. It’s this kind of collaborative gaming that will set the industry on fire, as a lot of analysts are predicting, and it’s nice to see Infinity Blade II be at the forefront, as has been the case for the game since it was revealed.

But the updates don’t stop with ClashMob enabling. You’ll also see new weapons and equipment to use and earn, as well as a good amount of new enemies to fight. It’s also been made easier to swap gems, as well as the new ability to combine 3 different gems into one super gem.

One last update that might be just as popular as ClashMob: the game has now received a $2 price cut, bringing it’s price down to $4.99 Infinity Blade II - Chair Entertainment Group, LLC, something that should encourage a lot more downloads and players within the game’s ecosystem. All in all, these look like some pretty great updates, and should only further increase Infinity Blade II’s dominance in the mobile gaming world.

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