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[ Gone Free ] Infinity Blade: The Original Legendary iOS Game Goes Free Again

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Free Offer Ended. This app was free on July 4, 2016, but the offer has expired. Follow us on Twitter or Subscribe by email or RSS feed to get daily App Gone Free notifications so you won’t miss it next time. The following impression was made during the promotional period.


If somehow you still have not played the original Infinity Blade for some reason, today is your chance to download this legendary iOS game to your device.

In 2010, Infinity Blade redefined the iPhone and iPad as mobile devices capable of delivering console quality graphics. It went on to win various Game of the Year awards and received top ratings from media and players all over the world. Along with stunning graphics, Infinity blade features a unique touch based combat system. Take swipes at those huge enemies to attack with your weapon. Swipe the enemy at just the right time and the right direction to parry the attack. Draw gesture based commands to launch spells during combat. Collect gold to buy better weapons and equipments.

It is an action packed fighting game quite unlike any other game when it was first launched. If you are new to Infinity Blade, hurry and grab the game today.

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9 comments on “[ Gone Free ] Infinity Blade: The Original Legendary iOS Game Goes Free Again

  1. yet another reason I like this web site – as Apple plays the daily “hide and seek game of moving the free app of the week icon around the convoluted mess that front page of the app store is, … , (like walking through 100 counters of perfume to get into a department store …) ” … I can count on this site to always have that weekly free app here.

  2. There’s so may high quality free app’s right now, we have The Walking Dead: The Game, Infinity Blade, Asphalt 7: Heat, NFL Kicker 13, Apocalypse Max, Galaxy on Fire 2 HD, Uber Racer 3D – Sandstorm, Angry Birds Rio, Early Birds, Shellrazer, Trigger Fist, Line Runner 2, and Dead Rage: Revenge Soul HD. This is the greatest free-app week in the App Store to date… make sure to grab them now, before the price goes goes back to paid!

  3. wow I almost missed dead rage HD; behind thanks ! I didn’t even know that one was out there. “One” never can have *too many” brutal killing games.

    My fear is one day apple will disallow violent games such as like they did with adult apps. One day there were 50,000 adult apps then the next day all were removed and the companies out of biz and customers out of their app investment. So I try to get apps like this just in case Apple pulls one of those tricks again. However I dont think cook is like jobs. hes more a negotiation and compromise type of guy whereas jobs was a this is my answer and F you.

    anyhoo …..

    I used to search for apps like this but just gave up; the app store is too hard to navigate and search in. (I was trying like gore, blood, etc with no worthwhile results) to keep up to date on apps I also used to visit the apps sections daily and hit the show all button, then sort by latest release. However apple has been knocking those off one by one and finally they killed off that button for productivity as well. So now its basically impossible to find anything. You have to “guess” what “cute” name or strange name someone might have made for a time management or mind map app or hope they have any one of 5000 possible productivity keywords to find the app, or see if they are manipulating the “other customers bought” ratings by searching the bottom pages of popular apps. The “apps like this” page is almost entirely useless cause it just lists top sellers for that general category, so the apps are not even vaguely related usually. Honestly … its exhuasting finding anything on the app store. Its basically giving scammer developers who use thousands of those fake accounts a huge foothold up the ladder. Plus like you are typing some long word and if its not exactly perfect is shows no results.

    Amazon is so much easier to search on. The app store categories and search function and tagging desperately needs a rework. However, ….. that being said apple sells billions of dollars of apps by using this process of super pushing a few apps to the top continually. Some apps have been “new and noteworthy” for 3 years now haha; all they have to do is release a line that says “bug fix” and they get back up there. It reminds me of the NFL team that has one player taking up all the money or a movie that has 50 actors but only the star really gets “paid.” And the NFL and hollywood do quite well !

    Are FAIR business and great PROFITS really incompatible ? I want to believe that’s not true ….

    thanks for the super master list.

  4. I have no quarrels with the visuals of Infinity blade, however when it comes to the gameplay and design, there is a sense of repetition and blandness that can unexcite many. As well as the restrained and confined linear progression of consecutive battles. There is no doubt however that it remains the best touch-based fighting game in the AppStore.

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