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Instantly Biodegradable Apple Packaging? Yep, the new iPods have it

Apple has always been concerned about keeping their products environmentally friendly, and the new packaging for the iPod Touch and Nano takes their commitment to the next level. Not sure who figured this out first, but if you take the EarPod case out of one of the new boxes and place it in warm water, the thing will practically dissolve!

Apple’s hasn’t made any official comment about what components in the EarPod case make it so quickly biodegradable, but the video speaks for itself. After just a moment submerged in the water, the case becomes pliable, and then further breaks down into a sort of pulp… The media has forwarded questions on to Apple, of course, and in response they’ve simply sent us to this page. Best we can tell, the stuff in the EarPod Case might be made of “renewable tapioca paper foam material.”

The dissolving material isn’t the only Easter Egg associated with the EarPod Case, although it’s by far the most tangible… Others have noticed that the shape of the case is exactly the same as an app icon you’d find on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch… Pretty amazing that they manage to surprise us with even the packaging of a simple accessory.

If you’re one of the many customers who got the EarPod Case with your iPhone 5 rather than a new iPod (Touch or Nano), it probably won’t hurt to dunk it in water, but don’t expect anything to happen. The ones that come with the iPhone are made of plain old plastic, from what we can see, so while they still look like an app icon, they’re nice and solid and going to stay that way—how boring is that?!

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