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iOS 7 brings New and Exciting Functions and improves on some Old Ones


As you saw earlier, we’ve already mentioned the new look and feel of iOS 7, and how it’s basically a complete departure from what Apple’s done in the past with its mobile operating system. Now that we’ve touched on the visual aspect of things, let’s go over some of the awesome new functionality we’ll see once iOS 7 is released.

​Control center


For quite a while now, users have lamented that it’s a tedious task to do some simple things that we all do on a regular basis with our devices, like activating the Wi-Fi or adjusting the display’s brightness. It took tap after tap just to get where we wanted, but with Control Center, that’s been fixed. To access Control Center, simply swipe up from the bottom of the device, and you’ll have easy access to such things like toggling Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb, screen orientation lock, brightness, music selection (skip, play, or pause), and AirPlay connectivity. Control Center also gives you the ability to use your camera’s flash for a flashlight (FINALLY!), as well as easy access to a timer, calculator, and the camera itself. Basically, Control Center is the obvious functionality we’ve all been wanting for those little, always necessary things we do with our devices throughout the day.



When sending documents or photos, we typically email or message them to someone, but if they’re within close range, you can use AirDrop to instantly send videos, photos, contacts, documents, or anything else from an app that has a share button. Users make themselves noticeable in AirDrop, allowing someone to use the app’s share function to access it, and then choose their contact in the vicinity to instantly share. All transfers are encrypted for security, and AirDrop shares over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.



Doing one thing at at time no longer means you can’t still get information you need from another app in an instant. The Multitasking view now gives you a live preview of the apps in the task bar, so you can see where you left off. A welcomed new function borrowed from WebOS is a smart feature that learns which apps you use regularly, and updates them in the background. If you check your social feed regularly at a certain time, that feed will be updated in the preview mode accordingly.



Mobile Safari now supports a bigger browsing interface so you can see more of your content, with all functions staying hidden until you scroll to reveal them. Swiping left or right will take you back or forward on a page for more simple navigation without the use of buttons. Multitasking in Safari is even better, as well. Instead of just eight tabs, you have an infinite number of tabs that dynamically preview webpages. You can also access shared links from people in your Twitter feed and see what they said about them, as well as improved reading list browsing. Lastly, iOS 7 brings iCloud Keychain, which remembers all your passwords used in Safari across iOS devices, as well as a password generator for when you don’t want to come up with your own.

Camera and Photos


One of the more important functions of our iOS devices is the Camera app, and iOS 7 brings built-in filters for your photos, along with unified shooting formats like still, video, panorama, and a new square format. The Photos app introduces a new way to view your photos, whether through Collections, Moments, or Years. Each one gives a massive overview of photos and videos, with each view mode accessible with a tap to see everything within it. You can now also easily share your photos AND VIDEOS to a shared photo stream with family and friends, with everyone being allowed to add photos and videos of their own.

There are more functions and improved usability bits and pieces, but we think these are the ones most users will get excited about. How about you? Is there a new functionality other than the ones here that gets you excited?

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One comment on “iOS 7 brings New and Exciting Functions and improves on some Old Ones

  1. I tell you what, when iOS 7 is released imma be deleting some apps. Possibly Pandora,Mailbox,Flashlight

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