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iPad Controls Machine-Gun Quadrotor in FPSRussia/Call of Duty Video

Though it doesn’t have much of a starring part, an iPad made its way into the latest viral video from FPSRussia. The video is called “Prototype Quadrotor with Machine Gun!” and, well, we should probably just let you watch it before we get to any analysis.

Scary, right? We’ve seen iOS devices used to control an assortment of aircraft, but none quite this deadly. It’s no surprise to see the “Professional Russian” playing with some extreme weaponry, but we’ve got to say that the prototype quadrotor really takes things to the next level. So much so that some have questioned the validity of the video. More doubt is cast on the authenticity of the iPad-controlled quadrocopter when you get to the end of the video and hear him plug the next Call of Duty game—which is slated for announcement on May 1st during an NBA playoff game.

In the end, does it really matter? The chances of this being an Activision stunt aimed at reaching viral proportions are pretty good, but I’m still glad I saw it. And yeah, it’s connectedness to anything iOS-related is pretty minor, but I doubt you’re mad about watching stuff explode.

Details about the new Call of Duty are scarce, though most expect it to be a follow up to Black Ops. And I’d say this video did it’s job, as I’m feeling properly excited about controlling any sort of drone that resembles the one featured by FPS Russia–even if you don’t get to use an iPad in the game.

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