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iPhone 5, iPod Touch Part Leaks seemingly Confirm Screen Size Rumors

Right after we got done telling you about the possibility of an iPhone 5 with a longer screen, more unidentified sources came forward with what are said to be leaked parts from Apple’s coming handset and the next iPod Touch. Most notably, a front panel found amongst the leaked parts would seem to confirm Apple ditching the 3.5-inch iPhone screen in favor of one that’s 3.95 inches.

As we told you earlier today, the 3.95-inch length would allow the iPhone to come alongside the iPad in offering a 16:9 aspect ration. The touch panel that supposedly leaked today is being associated with an iPod Touch, but does anyone question if the iPhone and iPod Touch will receive the same size upgrade (assuming one does occur)?

In regards to leaked iPhone 5 components, today’s mystery source claims to have snapped photos of a home button flex cable and the actual cameras. Outside of the magical devices they’ll eventually live inside, these parts don’t look like anything special, but the fact that they’re different from what’s inside the iPhone 4S does seem telling.

While it’s tantalizing to get a glimpse of what’s on the inside, it’s looking like there’s little hope that images of the actual device will get leaked to the public. The earlier reports of the day came with the caveat that the prototype devices were locked inside a bulky shell… So Apple is playing it close to the vest—we’re all shocked about that! Now it’s just a rumor countdown until Fall comes around…

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  • Simon

    The iPad screen is not a 16.9 ratio. The current iPhone screens are closer to 16:9 than iPads.

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