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iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C said to be Launching on September 20th

After months of speculation about colors, components, and prices, we finally have a date to mark on the calendar.
At least we think this is the date, for now.

b-iphone-5c-leak-green-1… Following the anticipated unveiling of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C at a press event on September 10th, Apple is expected to launch the new devices 10 days later on September 20th–according to Japan’s Nikkei. That source reports that SoftBank and KDDI will be selling the new iPhones at that time, and we take that to mean that all initial launch markets will be doing the same, including the U.S.

We wouldn’t bank on these dates just yet, but if past years are any indication, it won’t be surprising if any day we get a look at Apple’s official invitation to the rumored September 10th event–and after that, it won’t be till during the event itself that someone announces an actual launch date.

In case you need a reminder, the iPhone 5S is expected to be Apple’s next high-end smartphone, bearing an improved processor, dual-LED flash, fingerprint scanner, and a gold color option. The iPhone 5C is a whole new animal, being Apple’s “budget” phone that could come in a plastic bodies of many colors and sell for hundreds of dollars less.

So, if you missed the last few months of news–you’re all caught up!

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