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Is it the Real Deal? Purported Leaked iPad Mini Images Hit the Web

Far be it from us to take the spotlight off the iPhone 5 at this moment, but this may be our first look at the rumored iPad Mini, and we thought you’d like to take a look…

The device pictured above is said to be the 7.85-inch tablet that Apple has been working on for some time, but chose not to unveil alongside the iPhone 5 last week. Some sources are calling the legitimacy of these images “highly suspect,” but there’s no doubt that it works with our ideas of the tablet’s backplate—images of which just might have leaked earlier in September.

So let’s say this is the iPad Mini… What do you think? It’s basically a shrunken iPad, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. We don’t currently have any explanation for that centered hole at the top of the tablet, though everything else seems to be in its proper place (volume rocker, power buttons).

Some say that the iPad Mini is being produced at a factory called Pegatron, along with Foxconn. Together, those two companies may be about to push out 5 million iPad Minis during September… And in more good news for newcomer Pegatron, Apple may be sharing the iPhone 5 load in order to reach the expected 53 million mark before the end of 2012.

If this is the iPad Mini and it’s as close to completion as it looks, is there still hope for that October event?



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