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Is “Overwhelming Response” Causing Apple to Restrict Access to iWork on iCloud?


Just a few days ago, we reported that Apple had taken iWork for iCloud free to the public.  While we are still able to launch the iWork suite on iCloud today without any issues, reports around the web yesterday claimed that Apple is dealing with what they’re calling an “overwhelming response.”

You’d think the developer-only period would have prepared the iWork for iCloud product to the point that it could handle some heavy usage in its first days of wide-open availability, but I guess Apple wasn’t prepared for just how eager users of its productivity suite were to get in the cloud. Products like Pages, Numbers, and Keynote aren’t exactly thrilling, but throw iCloud in the mix and we’ve got a hot commodity.


Previously billed as “Coming this fall,” Apple says iCloud is the ultimate way to keep your work up to date on all your devices. According to the official page, it’s all still very-much in beta, so perhaps this sort of snafu shouldn’t be too surprising:
“We’re putting the finishing touches on the iWork for iCloud apps. When they’re ready for you to try, you’ll find them at Just log in from your browser on your Mac or PC to get started. All the documents you create will be save in iCloud, and any changes you make will automatically appear in the iWork apps on your iOS devices and your Mac. Your work will always be available at, so you can access your documents anywhere.”

… If you’re not among the users who are receiving the “Please check back soon” message, how are you finding iWork for iCloud?

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  • darkeno

    Or Apple simply can’t build scalable reliable web services the way Google does…

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