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Is the iPad Mini Too Pricy? Analyst Outlook stays Strong

If you were breathlessly awaiting the pricing announcement during the iPad Mini presentation yesterday, chances are you were hoping for a baseline figure close to $199 or even $249… What we got was $329—not astronomically high, but pretty much disappointing across the board.

Now that a lucky few have gotten their hands on the undersized tablet and analysts have weighed in with revised predictions, we’re left to figure out if Apple’s pricing for the iPad Mini is going to seriously hamper sales or just bring them more cash. When you look at the iPad Mini next to comparable tablets like the Google Nexus 7 or Amazon Kindle Fire, it’s clear that Apple’s offering is playing in the same market but asking for more money. Sound familiar? The outlook from analysts has stayed surprisingly strong following the announcement, and most say this is due to Apple over delivering on storage capacity (no 8GB model) and characteristically smashing the competition when it comes to materials and form factor.

Even though $329 seems a far cry from that oh-so-acceptable $199 figure, we can’t just call the iPad Mini over-priced and be done with it, especially not if you buy the promise that this is “every inch an iPad” and does everything you’ll ever need. It’s a confusing pitch when held up against how Apple sells the full size iPad, but it’s basically true nonetheless, and this is leading the majority of the media to think that the $329 price point is going to work out just fine for Apple (I’d like to be the first to say that it will work out OBSCENELY well).

October 26th is just a few days away—which means we’re officially the most curious we’ve ever been to hear an Apple’s pre-order sales announcement…

iPad Mini VS the Competition via Engadget



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  • They have priced me out of buying one. If it had a retina display and the latest chip, maybe, just maybe, I would have gone that far to buy one. But with second hand chips and old screen tech, not a chance.

  • Bob smith

    Seriously you actally think this is worth asking? They sold 3 million iPods since launch. A product nobody was sure should still be made any more. Of course the iPad mini is going to sell. It’s going sell stupid amounts to be exact. Women will go nuts over this one. Give it 90 days and you will see. Stupid amounts.

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