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Is this guy really using his brainwaves to control Siri on an iPhone?

Screen-Shot-2013-03-11-at-2.48.05-PMI’m not sure that—if this video had come from some nameless source—we wouldn’t be taking no notice whatsoever… But when a senior iOS architect (one at Honda R&D, especially) claims to have used his brainwaves to control Siri, you kind of have to pay attention, cause these guys don’t mess around right?

That logic may be flawed, but nonetheless it’s what’s going on in the case of Duane Cash. As we said, this guy’s day job is Senior iOS Architect at Honda R&D, and on the side he’s been messing with turning Siri into a mind-controlled virtual assistant (or, possibly, strapping silly things to his forehead and fooling a whole lot people at once). In the video that’s making the rounds, Cash uses his hand to get Siri launched, and from there proceeds to do things like open a map and open/close a menu—all sans voice and supposedly through mental commands. Here’s Cash on his semi-viral video:

“This is one of my initial tests using a brainwave-reading device to control some custom Siri functions on a iPhone. For the first speech recognition segment I wave my hand over the device to activate Siri. During the next portions, I use mental commands from the EEG signals to command the iPhone to open a map, open a menu and close a menu with voice feedback from Siri.”

Even doubters like myself will find Cash’s video entertaining. I especially like the intensely furrowed brows he executes when we’re to believe the mental commands are being issued… Joking aside, the real world applications of brainwaves and Siri (or our iDevices, in general) would be huge, to say the least… But then, why would we think Siri would be any better at reading our minds than she is at understanding the words we yell at her with our actual voices?

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