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iTunes throwing a Sale on Movie Bundles like LOTR, X-Men, Die Hard, and More


Apple might not be known for throwing huge sales very often, but there’s one going on right now within iTunes… Head to Apple’s digital marketplace as soon as possible, where you’ll find low prices on some sought-after movie bundles.

Earlier today, there were some amazing deals like $9.99 for all 8 Harry Potter movies.  However, those deals only lasted a few hours. Crazy deals like the Harry Potter Complete Collection have been adjusted to more moderate deals.

According to our latest checks, the $24.99 price tag for the X-Men Quadrilogy comes in at about $30 below the usual price of $59.99 for the HD version.  The Lord of the Rings HD trilogy is on sale for $17.99 instead of $44.97.  These bundles are only available in the U.S. iTunes store.

Here’s a complete list of the Movie Bundles currently on offer:

… We’ll let you peruse prices at the moment, since we’ve already heard Apple has changed some of them. It’s probably worth jumping on these deals as soon as possible, it might be over by the end of this week.


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