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[ Gone Free ] Laminar: Photoshop-Light for your iPhone and iPad?

Editor’s Pick: Laminar Pro – Image Editor

Laminar Pro – Image Editor
(4 stars with 299 User Ratings)
Universal App
$4.99Free for a limited time

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( stars with Ratings)
iPhone App
Free Offer Ended. This app was free on October 29, 2014, but the offer has expired. Follow us on Twitter or Subscribe by email or RSS feed to get daily App Gone Free notifications so you won’t miss it next time. The following impression was made during the promotional period.


Today we have another photo editing app for the iPhone and iPad, and it’s quite a doozy.

Laminar is the app we’re talking about, and man oh man, is it awesome. With an incredibly intuitive interface and easy to learn editing abilities, Laminar might be considered by some to be the Photoshop-light that will surely be in your photo editing app stable soon enough. With over 60 built in layers and effects, and all sorts of colorization options (black and white, sepia, dramatic, silver, palladium, and many more), the options are there and ready for you to take advantage of. There’s no hard limit to the number of layers you can have in a document, either, so you are free to do as you please with your photos and work.

With plenty of options for borders and frames, brushes, adjustments and retouch functions, custom textures, and sharing features, Laminar is a solid photo app.

App Screenshots

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