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Leaked Internal Document Suggests T-Mobile will start “Selling against the iPhone” on Sept. 21st

What’s special about September 21st? If you’ve been paying any attention whatsoever to the gossip about the next iPhone, then you’re probably aware that September 21st MIGHT be the launch day for Apple’s new device (following a September 12th introduction). According to a leaked internal document, it just so happens that the 21st is also the same day T-Mobile plans to start selling against Apple’s handset.

There is really only one reason T-Mobile would take this sort of stance against Apple’s predicted surge in the end of 2012, and that’s because they’re still not going to be offering the coveted device to their customers. It’s long been suspected that T-Mobile would get added to the list of 11 carriers that offer the iPhone in the U.S., but this new “Grab & Go” document intended for use by T-Mobile employees certainly indicates that the company expects to continue competing with Apple (which, as of late, has been a losing battle).

If you’re still holding onto hope that T-Mobile will get iPhone-friendly in September, then you can always assume that the company is simply going off of what they know right now, and preparing for continued life without the iPhone on their network… The group of potential customers hoping for a T-Mobile iPhone has probably been growing lately, seeing as many would love the opportunity to jump onto their unlimited 4G data plan

Unless you’re willing to unlock your new handset, the T-Mobile waiting game continues, and there’s hardly any way to twist today’s news into being any sort of good indication.

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