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Longer Screen, Smaller Dock Connector Included in Latest Round of iPhone 5 Rumors

Folks have been talking about a “bigger” screen for months, but now are we starting to hear more details about what size display might come equipped on the next-gen iPhone. Rumors attributed to sources who have allegedly tested Apple’s next handset (or at least one of the prototypes) indicate that the coming device might retain the 1.94-inch screen width while bumping the height up to 3.95 inches.

As tired as these screen size rumors are getting, this one does gel pretty well with how we might expect Apple to do things… Rather than throwing out the mold and adding inch after inch to keep up with Android’s ballooning screen sizes, perhaps Apple while give us a marginal increase. After many years with the same size screen, there’s no doubt that a 3.95-inch screen—while not competing with the largest of Android screens—would feel like a major upgrade.

And along with giving us more to look at, the new aspect ration of such a screen would by 16:9. While that might not sit well with developers who have to revamp their app offerings, it would seem beneficial for Apple to get the iPhone and iPad on the same page.

Even though the sources for these rumors have supposedly had their hands on Apple’s next iPhone, no more details have emerged due to the devices being hidden inside bulky, locked shells… The units are said to be running a build of iOS 6 that allows room for a fifth row of apps, and there is talk of the dock connector being smaller than what is currently in use.

All things considered, it seems as though these size rumors are starting to fit inside more of an Apple-sized package. But who’s to say what we’ll actually end up getting come October?

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  • Qixo

    So far the Apple way has been to retain the aspect ratio on both the iPad and iPhone. But if they wanted to bring the iPhone screen in line with the iPad they’d have to make the screen wider, not taller. I’m not sure where you get the idea the iPad has a 16.9 display. Mine’s 4:3

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