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Lyric Legend Review: A flat, dry musical experience

Our expectations definitely drop when it comes to free games, but even so, there have been many that have delivered more than enough fun to warrant the space they take on our iPhones. Unfortunately, Lyric Legend from TuneWiki Inc. is not one of them. This rhythm/lyric themed game is lacking the inspiration or innovative ideas it takes to create a unique iOS game that is worth even a free download. While you might successfully memorize some lyrics through use of the app, it will ultimately leave you feeling gipped, even though you paid nothing to get it (and would be wise to avoid the in-app purchases).

Since we’re talking music here, it’s important to first mention that Lyric Legend isn’t short on name-brand, popular music, many titles of which you’ll probably be excited to see and hear. We’ve got songs from Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Fall Out Boy, Maroon 5, Keith Urban, and Coldplay, just to a name a few. So as far as musical selections, Lyric Legend gets it right.

But then we move on to gameplay . . . For anyone familiar with the way rhythm games typically work, you’ll recognize the format. Bubbles appear on screen while the song plays, and it’s up to you to tap the correct word as the singer enunciates it. It takes a combination of timing and awareness, since you need to not only find the right bubble in a split second, but also tap it right along with the rhythm of the singer . . . As a concept, it works. But the problem is that the challenge ends up just not being any fun. Yes, it can be difficult on the harder levels, but there’s no sense of satisfaction. Instead, I was left feeling like I was just put through a pointless routine with no real end result.

There are a few tweaks to add spice. Sometimes you’ll have to tap and hold a word if the singer holds the note, and at certain points you’ll be urged to shake your device to active Legend Power and get more points. During intervals with no lyrics, the game takes the shape of other rhythm titles, as you tap bubbles when they progress to the bottom of the screen.

On the subject of points, Lyric Legend uses a virtual currency called Gold Notes to allow you to purchase new song packs. As the game only comes packaged with four songs, anyone who finds the game appealing will definitely want to make expanding the song choices a priority. You can either put down some cash (not recommended), or earn the points by getting high scores on the included tracks. As this aspect of the game is a major element to the overall package, it’s to Lyric Legend’s credit that the system works well and doesn’t get in the way.

However, the fact remains that most people would rather listen to their favorite songs on repeat than put themselves up to this somewhat-annoying challenge . . . While the app’s iTunes page is populated with some curiously positive reviews, you get the sense that those who appreciate this game so much have no idea of what is being done in the wider spectrum of iOS gaming. Lyric Legend simply doesn’t do enough to provide us with something fresh, challenging, and most importantly, fun . . . What it does offer works well enough, but most will find that it falls flat after just a few plays. My recommendation? Spend the time you would on this game shopping the iTunes store for good deals on your favorite music. The payoff will be greater.

Our Score: 2 of 5

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