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Make your iPhone Completely Waterproof with the new Case Marine

When it comes to iPhone cases, I tend to be a pretty strong advocate of abstaining altogether. But if you’ve got to debauch your gorgeous iOS device, then you might as well do it as minimally as possible while still getting the maximum protection available… Today we’re looking at the Case Marine—a new case out of Japan that its makers claim is waterproof to the point of being completely subermergable in water.

We’ve seen waterproof cases before, but they’re usually of a sort that even the most desensitized case-users wouldn’t dare submit their device to the clunky, ugly confines. That’s where the Case Marine is different. It’s not so much a case as it is a sleeve—one that can be slapped on your iPhone in about five seconds, as seen in the video below. It’s only 0.25mm thick, and even with that slim profile, it can keep your iPhone protected in up to 32 feet of water. With that, I think it’s safe to say the Case Marine has earned its “waterproof” label.

At $15 (or $38 for the premium version), the Case Marine seems like a totally viable option for when you’re going on some sort of excursion that will likely put your iPhone at risk. I doubt you’ll want to use it on a daily basis, primarily because the sleeve covers the headphone jack, and there doesn’t seem to be a workaround.

If you’re interested in getting totally waterproof, keep your eye out for the Case Marine, as it will probably become more readily available outside of Japan sometime soon. There’s also said to be an iPad version in the works (priced around $50).


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  • RealIonyx

    How will it dispel heat and breathe. Believe it or not CPUs need air.

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