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Man hacks iPhone 4S for Wireless Charging, Makes Everyone Else Jealous

One thing that we’re all hoping to see in the near future in our iPhones is built-in wireless charging. The convenience this technology would bring could not be understated, as you’d no longer have to fiddle with the unplugging of all sorts of wires and cables to grab your phone and go.

Instead of waiting for Apple to build this sort of feature into the iPhone, one enterprising London hacker took it upon himself to modify his iPhone to make it work. Tanveer Islam decided that he wanted this kind of functionality—and he wanted it right now—so he put his soldering soldering skills to the test. Using a PowerMat, spare charger port assembly, some gauge wire, and good old fashioned ingenuity, Islam succeeded in his task of creating an iPhone with built-in wireless charging, with little to no increase in the size of his iPhone 4S.

Below is a commercial he made to show off the new functionality.

Islam provides instructions here on how to do this yourself, but be warned: this isn’t exactly an easy process. Keep in mind that if you do choose to do this, you will undoubtedly be voiding the warranty on your device, which does not allow for physical modifications that enable the device to do something other than it was intended for.

If you don’t think you have what it takes to perform this modification (not many people would, mind you), you can at least be comforted by the fact that Apple has been granted a patent for the same type of technology to be built-in, though it remains to be seen when they’ll actually implement it.

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  • Wow

    Upcoming iPhone 5th generation will come with this function anyway. INS a waste of time to mess around a phone for just less than 3 months of usage.

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