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Meet Apple’s new line of iPods, including the 4-inch iPod Touch and totally revamped iPod Nano

For those of us who like to be surprised, today was when we paid the price for months of monitoring the rumor mills and catching glimpses of leaked iPhone 5 parts. While it’s still an exciting upgrade and truly the “best phone they’ve ever made,” we saw it coming a long way off and today was just validation… But that’s not so for Apple’s iPod lineup, which saw some major changes today—all of which were completely unheralded.

iPod Touch

If something is stopping you from jumping onto the iPhone bandwagon, the iPod Touch continues to be the next best thing. This is especially true now that Apple has introduced the 5th-gen iPod Touch, which takes after the iPhone 5 with its 4-inch screen and is just 6.1 mm. thick. Additionally, it supports Siri, comes in multiple colors, and has a new body feature called “the loop” (allows attachment to wrist for safety). Internally, Apple has gone all out by giving the iPod Touch an A5 processor and 5-megapixel iSight camera.

iPod Nano

The iPod Nano is always a bit of a wildcard, and over the years I’d have to say it’s been the device to receive the most drastic, unpredictable updates. That trend continues, just look at it! The new iPod Nano now has a 2.5-inch multi-touch display, as well as a tiny home button and an unprecedented thinness factor.

iPod Shuffle

Apparently, the Shuffle is the only iPod that Apple doesn’t see as being broken… As such, they just gave it a flashy color makeover.




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