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MMO and RPG Roundup: Order and Chaos, Arcane Legends, and Ravensword: Shadowlands

MassPort_AppChronLogoThe first weeks of January have been pretty quiet in the App Store. We all gorged on new games, big app updates, and huge holiday sales before New Years, and now we’re just trying to catch up on all that content! But that doesn’t mean there still aren’t things going on. Here’s the news in MMOs and RPGs for the week.

Holiday Events Still Going


Did you miss out on all the holiday-themed events in your favorite MMORPGs this past Christmas? Don’t worry; chances are, you’re not too late to get the Christmas spirit! Like those twinkling porch lights on your neighbor’s house, the holiday content in  Order and Chaos Online, Celtic Heroes, and Arcane Legends are still available today.

In the case of the Arcane Legends, time is running short. This is the last full weekend that holiday vanities and pets will be available in Arcane Legends — they will be patched away next week. [The Star Legends holiday content has already disappeared.] Celtic Heroes has yet to announce the end of their Yuletide event, but given how long their Summer and Samahin events lasted, the holiday content may be sticking around for awhile. The same holds true for Order and Chaos Online; unlike the other games, Gameloft’s MMORPG lacks a patch system, so chances are it will be Crismas in Haradon until they put out another app update.

Ravensword: Shadowlands Updates Controls


In my review of Ravensword: Shadowlands, the awesome open-world RPG from Crescent Moon Games, I said that one of the things about the game I hoped they would fix in a future update was the interface. There were some legitimate issues with the way buttons were laid out, corpses were looted, and weapons were drawn and sheathed. In fact, the controls were enough of an issue for me to rank the game lower than I otherwise would have.

I was not the only one complaining, apparently, because last week Crescent Moon put out an update that addressed many of the control issues with the game. The action buttons are now adjustable, and there’s a new action button for Loot and Dialog (so no more five-step looting!). They’ve also improved on the swipe sensitivity and swipe area; added a double-tap to run control; and given us an Inverted Y-axis option.


They also took the opportunity to tweak some maps, fix some bugs, and slip in a little new game content. None of it is game-changing, but it’s always good a developer improving things.

These control changes are all great, and they remove a layer of frustration that was really getting in the way of enjoying the open-world play experience. The only thing that appears to have been ignored, to my mind, is the annoying auto-sheathe option. Seriously, if I’m sneaking up on an enemy with my sword drawn, why would I ever want to put it away? Still, these improvements are enough that we may be going back to revisit the original Ravenloft: Shadowlands review score.

If you haven’t checked out Ravensword: Shadowlands yet, you should. It’s available in the App Store. Ravensword: Shadowlands - Crescent Moon Games


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