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MMORPG News Roundup: Arcane Legends, Blitz Brigade, and the Best App Ever Awards

MassPort_AppChronLogoThe first month of January is coming to a close, and the games we love so much here at Massively Portable are starting to release, preview, and Xxxxxx new content for 2013. Here’s what news has caught our attention recently.

Arcane Legends Adds PvP, Previews Pirates


Spacetime Studios’ most recent Legends entry is rapidly adding content and increasing the fun. This past week they released their big Capture the Flag PvP update. In this update, players form Red and Blue teams to fight for control of the flag. Once a flag is captured, it’s returned so that the team can capture it again. The first team to 5 points wins.

To go along with this, STS has added a new leaderboard to the game, ranked by PvP kills. In addition, there are new PvP Achievements and Titles, as well as a new shark pet.

At the same time, STS also talked about their next content and level cap expansion, The Kraken Isles.


Yes, that’s right, it’s pirates! Already sounds like fun. Says STS of the new update: “This will be similar to the Dead City expansion, in that the level cap will go up 5 levels and there will be all new areas to explore, new loot, new quests and more. Timing wise, you can expect the next expansion in February.” We’ll be looking forward to it.

Blitz Brigade Is Coming


Ever played Team Fortress 2? Ever wish you could play TF2 on your iPhone? Well, that’s not happening. But it looks like we might get the next best thing: a classic Gameloft imitation.

This week, they put out a cinematic trailer for Blitz Brigade, which they say is “coming soon” for iOS and Android devices. While the trailer doesn’t feature any actual gameplay, is there anyone watching it and NOT assuming it’s going to be TF2 for their phones? Check it out:

Best MMORPG Ever?


January is the month for voting in the Best App Ever awards, a contest held by a coalition of app-themed websites including There’s less than a week left to vote, but the Best MMO category has several great gamnes up for nomination that we cover regularly on Massively Portable. Amongst the nominees:

  • Arcane Legends
  • Celtic Heroes
  • Heroes of Order and Chaos
  • Order and Chaos Online

Who are you voting for in this year’s contest? Let us know over on the Massively Portable Facebook page.  Winners will be announced in February.

For more on pocket-sized MMORPGs, check out the Massively Portable podcast

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