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Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Review: The Best Shooter on the iOS?

While Modern WARFARE may be getting all the buzz these days, all iPhone gamers should be aware of Modern COMBAT. Yep, this is one of Gameloft’s rip-off franchises—one in which they barely even went to the effort of changing the title. But some would argue that it’s also the best shooter available on the iOS platform. The third installment in the franchise—Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation - Gameloft—lends a lot more credibility to that claim, providing gamers with a real reason to take a close look at how far shooters have come on the iPhone.

So what should you expect if you choose to rise to the challenge of using two thumbs and a touchscreen for some campaign/multiplayer action? True to the game it is imitating, Modern Combat brings you conflict on a global level, as America is the “Fallen Nation” and its attackers are countries such as Russia and Pakistan. It’s notable that entertaining cutscenes and dialogue that is average, at worst, have allowed MC3 to get a passing grade in the story department. That’s saying a lot for Gameloft, and it’s really good news for those as easily-annoyed with terrible voice-acting/characters/scripts as myself.

With the story making steady advances, it’s time we turn to the action… The experience of wielding a weapon and sprinting through the intense campaign is similar to the previous installments, except with a lot of graphical improvements and a higher level of variety. Not only do you get more weapons and more different ways to use them, but everything thing looks pretty stunning as you do so. Gameloft thinks big when it comes to designing these missions, and the visuals of Fallen Nation are good enough to keep you engaged in the chaotic frenzy of action taking place on all sides.

Gameloft didn’t try to break any new ground with the controls. MC3 still comes with all the inherent difficulties of playing a dual-stick shooter on a touchscreen. You can try all three different control options that are available, but in the end, somewhat-clumsy controls are still the bane of shooters like this—and MC3 is no exception.

After playing through all 13 missions you might need a short break, but then it’s on to the multiplayer, where many might spend the most time. Gameloft knows that they hit gold with this mode previously, and the multiplayer has been properly serviced this time around. It’s now possible to do with battle with 12 players at a time, either online or using local WiFi. There are six maps and a total of seven different multiplayer modes, ranging from the classic Battle to more creative variations like Manhunt and Zone control. The experience is rounded out by the inclusion of things like specialized weapons skills and kill signatures… Really, those who scoff at getting involved with this kind of multiplayer game on a mobile phone have got some re-examining to do.

… And that’s the point that MC3 manages to drive home throughout all the hours of gameplay present here. This is the full package. And for $6.99 it’s nothing short of a bargain when you consider all the cinematic moments and epic multiplayer matches that are promised within this app. Yes, some will find it difficult to connect with the control scheme, but it’s nothing you can’t get used to, and Fallen Nation makes it abundantly obvious that its time we all start practicing. There’s far too much going on here to miss.

Our Score: 4.5 Out of 5

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