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New Liquidmetal iPhone Concept Design Setting the Internet on Fire!

If you recall, last month we brought you news of a rumor circulating the web in regards to Apple’s next possible iPhone iteration being built with Liquidmetal. While the idea was certainly an exciting one, as the substance is durable and incredibly resistant to wear and tear, we weren’t sure what a possible Liquidmetal iPhone would look like.

Not that it’s any more solidified now, but we have for you today a highly thought out and well-desigend concept of the Liquidmetal iPhone coursty of French site No Where Else.

From the above photos, it’s easy to say that the idea is quite well-crafted. The concept sports a 4.5″ widescreen display and no actual “Home” button, which is to undoubtedly make space for the larger screen. The concept also includes a 10MP camera, a Quad-core A6 chip, and an embedded SIM card.

The plusses to having an iPhone made out of Liquidmetal are numerous. As I said before, the substance is highly durable and can withstand amounts of extreme force, whether it be from dropping or having things slammed into it. It’s also highly resistant to heat. Apple has owned the exclusive consumer electronic rights to anything Liquidmetal Technologies produces, so it’s a very real possibility that the next iPhone, or at least the one immediately after that, will sport the technology. Either way, these concept photos are fun and intriguing, but they’re simply that: a concept. There’s no telling what Apple will do with the next iPhone, but we can bet that it will most assuredly be awesome.

Check out below for more photos of the concept Liquidmetal iPhone.

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  • steven white

    Why are they calling it iphone5 still?????? Iphone5 is out now!!! This would be iphone6

  • Tony Cerda

    The hardware is awesome, but the OS looks exactly as it did in 2007!

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