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New survey shows iPads quickly replacing laptops for business use

The increasingly common presence of iPads in workplace settings betrays more than just a subtle trend. As found in a 2012 survey titled “iPad for Business,” Apple’s tablet is slowly eradicating the need for laptop computers. As it stands, more than 10% of business professionals polled say that the iPad has become their primary device, and that’s just one of many startling statistics to be gleaned from the new survey from IDG Connect.

A quick glance around a cafe or an airport and it’s pretty clear that business men and women have been quick to adopt the iPad. What’s more, over 80% say that a tablet from a company other than Apple would not come into consideration if they had to get a new device… So what are these people accomplishing on their iPads? Reading is huge, with 97% of respondents saying it’s one of their primary uses for the tablet. Browsing the web and workplace communications also top the list for what’s getting done on tablets everyday.

But it’s most interesting to note the marked shift toward the iPad as a vital part of an everyday businessperson’s operations. If you don’t fall into the 12% who claim it as their primary device, chances are you’re in the other chunk who say it has at least partly replaced their laptops or desktops for certain tasks.

So there’s a snapshot of what the iPad has accomplished in the business world in just a few short years of existence. Anyone want to guess what will happen to these numbers for 2013 and beyond?

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