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No Calls or Text Messages Today? Apple Says “Do Not Disturb” Fix Is On the Way

Many (most?) iOS 6 users saw something strange today—the little half moon that represents Do Not Disturb mode lingered at the top center of their iPhone screens long after its scheduled stop time. In fact, it’s probably still there now unless you manually went into settings and turned it off…


It turns out the glitch is sort of the iPhone version of Y2K(13). While it won’t send anyone out to stock up on groceries, fire wood, and medical supplies, Apple has already confirmed that the Do Not Disturb glitch was triggered by the coming of the new year. You might think they could push out a quick fix, but oddly enough, those of us affected by the glitch will have to wait till January 7, at which point the situation will somehow right itself. Oh, and how about this, the glitch comes just after Apple started airing a commercial featuring the Williams sisters (of tennis fame) and this very feature.

So, until January 7th comes, you’re just going to have to turn Do Not Disturb on and off by yourself, according to Apple’s straightforward technical post on the matter. To turn off your current schedule, just following this navigation path

Settings > Notifications > Do Not Disturb

… You can also head over to this page to read exactly what Apple has to say, but fair warning, there’s not much to see… Don’t expect an apology from Apple if you missed a really important phone call today!

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  • Balta

    I have been counting on my iPhone & the Pillboxie app to remind me to take my medication at a precise time for over a year, this morning at 6:30 am it did not work, I had a crummy day. Thanks IOS6

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