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Not just Taller, Thinner too! New iPhone could be nearly 20% Slimmer than the 4S

Earlier we brought you the latest evidence pointing to a 4-inch screen outfitted on the next-gen iPhone. If, at this point, you’re feeling sold on that feature, then it’s time to start considering what else might change about the shape of the anticipated device… The latest rumors would have us believe that Apple isn’t just bumping up the screen size, but also squeezing the thickness of the handset down almost 20% from the measurements of the iPhone 4S.

It’s hard to envision what exactly an 18% decrease in thickness would look like, and luckily, we don’t have to. The people over at Gizmodo have come up with some pretty stellar mockups, giving us a great idea of what it might look like to hold a 4-inch, thinner iPhone in your hand (complete with five rows of apps).

If the new thickness rumors prove true, that places the coming device at just 7.6mm thick. To go along with that slender physique, the length and width would be 123.83mm and 58.47mm.

Barring any huge leaks in the next month or so, you’d have to think these Gizmodo mockups might stand as the final word before the device is actually unveiled. So now we’re left to think about what all we suspect about the alleged device, and how different it would really be from our current iPhones.

iPhone 4S

New iPhone

960×640 resolution 1136×640 resolution
3.5 inches tall 4 inches tall
Headphone jack on top Headphone jack on bottom
30-pin connector 19-pin connector


… How does that gel with what you’ve been hoping for?

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  • Shearshopper

    The pins are reversed on your descriptions. 30 pin is the 4s

  • Guest

    You got the30-pin and 19-pin assignments reversed

  • App Chronicles

    thanks for pointing that out. Corrected.

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