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We’ve all seen wonderful examples of how intuitive an iOS device can be, even for toddlers and babies. They can seemingly pick up the device, and in a matter of moments, they’ll be swiping to unlock and playing iOS games like a pro. This just goes to show you one of the many reasons why iOS devices are so dominant in the mobile market.

One demographic that I’m sure Apple wasn’t targeting, but is certainly OK with cornering, is the penguin category. That appears to be the case, as two young penguins from the Aquarium of the Pacific have found themselves bitten by the iOS bug. As it turns out, the aquarium loaded up an original iPad with the “Game for Cats” app—in which a virtual mouse squeaks and runs around the screen—and the two young penguins were found to be fascinated by it.

Their names are Jeremy and Newsom, and they love stalking the virtual mouse on the touchscreen, trying to peck at it with their beaks. Newsom is especially fond of it, taking a high score of 1600, which is fairly impressive.

Considering the young age of the penguins, it only makes sense that they are occupying themselves with video games while the older, more mature males are looking for a mate.

While we’re not sure Apple will soon be looking to corner the penguin market, it’s definitely interesting to see such an odd, yet adorable, intersection of technology and nature. Of course, you can’t expect us to tell you about this story without showing you some adorable evidence, so peep the video below and see for yourself how Jeremy and Newsom are enjoying their new iPad.

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