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Pocket MMORPG News: Order and Chaos PvP, Diablo Clone On iOS, & More!

Some weeks, I like to pontificate on the crazy world of pocket-sized MMORPGs. THis week, I’d like to take a different approach and highlight a few different stories of interest that have made news in the past weeks. This sort of “news roundup” will likely become a regular feature here.

1. PvP Arenas in Order and Chaos Coming “Soon”

It happened again this week: Gameloft promised that PvP Arenas would be coming to Order and Chaos Online. When? Wait for it … SOON.

This time, the quote came as part of an interview with Pocket Gamer:

[T]here is still a lot of content that we’re developing now that was initially thought of before the game launched. And given that this is an MMO, we have tons of ideas for the future as well!

The PvP is a great example here. The first release had the possibility to duel another player and some areas for open PvP. It was a good first step but at the time we had already imagined team arenas with rankings and rewards.

This is a big piece of work. We couldn’t include it in the first release but we’re happy to say it’s coming soon.

Here’s the real facts: the first day that Order and Chaos released, they were promising PvP arenas “soon.” Every once in awhile, they repeat the old lie that they’re coming “soon.” Some day, children will tell stories of the PvP arenas, which are certainly coming “soon.”

Cliffwatch, the center of OnC endgame.

I really wish that this time were different. True PvP would bring a significant amount of dynamic life to the Order and Chaos endgame. Right now, the endgame is to a large degree filled with daily grinding: you run the same quests and kill the same dungeon bosses over and over, day after day after day. Sure, you’re working towards the rewards of Epic Loot. But there’s no real strong reason why you’re doing it.

Maybe the fact that they’re willing to go on record in an interview means that this time it really is “soon.” But I’m not going to get my hopes up.

2. Arcane Legends Playtest Opportunity

After being sorely disappointed in Spacetime Studios’ Dark Legends, I’ll admit that I have mixed feelings towards their next project, the fantasy-flavored Arcane Legends. Will it be a fantasy spin on the Dark Legends design? Or will it hearken back to the fuller, more open MMORPG style of Pocket Legends and Star Legends?

If I lived in Austin, Texas, I might be able to find out. STS has posted a Craigslist ad for Arcane Legends playtesters. Players will get between 60 and 90 minutes with the game, and they will be paid in the form of a $20 gift card for their participation. It’s a sweet deal for any Austin-based MMORPG fan!

The playtest takes place next Wednesday, so interested Austinites (or anyone willing to travel there) should apply ASAP. And if you happen to live in Austin and happen to take advantage of this, drop me a line and let me know about your experience. Don’t break any NDAs, of course; but general impressions are always welcome.

3. Diablo Clone for iOS?

If Order and Chaos Online is like World of Warcraft for iOS, then it looks like game studio EGLS Ltd. is aiming to bring Diablo III to iOS with its upcoming release Armed Heroes.

Armed Heroes is available in the Canadian App Store but not yet in the U.S. (it is awaiting approval). From the looks of it, though, it’s very much playing off of the Diablo III vibe with both its style and its dungeon-fueled RPG experience. The game looks to be combat-heavy and quest driven, with some good-looking graphics. Unfortunately, it appears as though there’s no character customization in the beginning, which may limit its appeal for MMORPG fans.

Regardless, Armed Heroes is a game I will be keeping an eye out for. At the low, low cost of free, it will definitely be worth spending a week with. When I do, you can be sure that I’ll bring my opinion of the game here to App Chronicles, as well as to the Massively Portable Facebook page and the Massively Portable podcast.

For more on pocket-sized MMORPGs, check out the Massively Portable podcast.  

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