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Policeman Dad Reports Teenage Son for Fraud Following $5,600 of in-app Purchases

“Please don’t ground me, Dad!”

Those might have been the first words out of Cameron Crossan’s mouth after he spent more than $5,000 on in-app purchases under his father’s iTunes account… Unfortunately for the Somerset teenager, his dad had something else in mind.


According to the Daily Mail, policeman Doug Crossan decided that reporting his son for fraud was his best chance at ever seeing a refund for the accidental purchases. See, Apple refused to issue a refund based on the grounds that it’s up to parents to make sure password locks are in place and this sort of thing is avoided. The story goes that Doug Crossan had used the iPad to purchase an album, and once his credit card details were in place, Cameron got busy inadvertently making in-app purchases via games like Hungry Shark and Plants vs. Zombies.

It’s quite obvious there’s no animosity between the father and son; instead, Doug Crossan plainly says that the fraud report is part of his attempt to “embarrass Apple as much as possible.” He believes the first step toward accomplishing that is to get a crime reference number attached… In short, Mr. Crossan sounds quite averse to taking any blame in the whole ordeal and would rather throw up a half-baked case that Apple’s in-app purchase system is somehow corrupt.

Of course, there are more than a few parents who might agree. Perhaps Apple needs to do more than slap on warning labels in order to raise awareness about how in-app purchases work. You’d think the password lock option would do it, but then, there are apparently a lot of iPads out there under owners who don’t quite know how they work, and aren’t aware of the risks involved with pulling out the credit card with kids around.


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  • The Cook Family

    Humm, I have two kids and I shut In-App purchases right away. It’s a no brainer and that father should have known better or he is an idiot!

  • Jared

    What a f****** dumbass!!! I, personally don’t see how this is a news story. It’s merely a brat spending his parent’s money, and a parent blaming Apple for his son’s ignorance. He’ll get nowhere. Also, you can disable In-app purchases in the restrictions setting of the Settings app!!! WTH!!!

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