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[ Gone Free ] Popkick: A colorful way to bring out the richness and vibrancy of your photos in a unique manner

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If you’ve been looking for another way to make your iPhone photos pop, we have just the app that’s here to help you with that, and quite literally.

Popkick allows you to take or choose a photo that’s already been taken, and then apply filters that make the colors and hues of the photo really kick. Once you’ve chosen your photo, simply take a spin with the app’s Color Wheel and watch as the hues of the photos blend and enlighten into all sorts of vibrant colors. The effect turns your photos into something unreal and quite gorgeous.

There are 12 unique filters for you to use with a host of enhancements that create an endless list of combinations. It works perfectly with Parallax, so create a photo and see the effect on your iPhone’s background and lockscreen. You can also send the images to friends or use them to create prints from your printer, whichever you choose. Turn your photos up a notch with Popkick.

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  • badnobe

    cool app!

  • JoAnn M Dyer

    This is actually a cool app..

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