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Samsung hits Australia Apple Store with “Wake Up” Flash Mob… Did it work?


“Well, that was weird.”

…. That’s the sentiment that I imagine was shared by the individuals who were somehow motivated to take part in a recent flashmob that occurred at an Apple Store in Australia. No surprise, the whole thing was put on by Samsung, as the company apparently takes another approach at attacking Apple.

The video above was shot by a guy who allegedly just happened to be at the Apple Store when the huge buses of “protestors”—or whatever they were—showed up holding their identical “Wake Up” signs. Conveniently, the blogger had been checking out a boom mic that allowed him to capture some very ideal footage of the scene… In case you missed it, I’m insinuating that this guy was probably part of Samsung’s team, and while he pretends to not get what the protestors were trying to say with their “Wake Up” message, I think the rest of us understand that Samsung is trying to make the statement that those who choose Apple are getting sucked into the cool and trendy image held by the successful tech company.

So while Samsung’s message is guessed easily enough, the whole thing still feels pretty aimless, which is why I imagine it was a weird experience for those involved. Loud speakers, signs, and throngs of people are only powerful if the elements come together to mean something. In this case, we’re pretty sure they’re saying, “You should buy a Galaxy S III Android phone instead of an iPhone,” but I don’t see this fringe method of persuasion getting that point across very effectively…

What do you think, has Apple lulled us into giving them unearned loyalty, or is Samsung just embarrassing themselves with these tactics?

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  • Someone

    I had bought Galaxy Tab 7.7 and sold it. It was not stable like iPad and iPhone. I’m sure I’m not dreamimg. Everything is very lucid.

  • Sigaar

    Samsung smartphones look great. Apple smartphones are great.

  • Tsatria

    Try ipad or iphoe first, then you will understand.
    Ios still the best until now.

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