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Siri integration coming to iOS—exclusively on iPhone 4S

Few people are feeling overwhelmed by the glory of the iPhone 4S at this point, which was inevitable following, oh, 18 months of build up and then no newly-designed iPhone 5… However, Apple’s next-generation iPhone has at least one feature that should turn some heads upon its release on October 14th, and that’s the deep integration of Siri voice technology.

Billed as a CPU-intensive feature requiring the power of the iPhone 4S and its dual-core A5 processor, the Siri Peronal Assistant lets you talk to your iPhone and have it act on your commands. with this technology, it really looks like Apple has taken voice recognition and artificial intelligence to the next level—to the point where the term “world changing” might not be entirely inappropriate. As demonstrated in the keynote, users can talk casually to Siri to set up meetings, send texts, get directions, check stocks, find contacts, create notes, etc. etc. etc. Those familiar with Siri’s very capable application know that it’s no exaggeration to say that this software’s integration into the iOS platform could change how we use our phones.

One of the more impressive demonstrations of Siri’s capabilities came when Scott Forstall told the “humble personal assistant” to remind him to call his wife when he left work… Upon this request, Siri recognized who Scott was referring to when he said “wife,” and it was also able to set up a geofence around the word “work” so it knew when to alert him to make the call. It will also “get to know you” and learn the cadence of your voice for better recognition.

Use of these awesome features required two elements—an iPhone 4S and a data connection. Given those two factors, it’s probably just a matter of time till Siri becomes sentient, but until then this should be a very enjoyable feature to have in your pocket.

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