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Siri May Arrive on the iPad in iOS 6

Many of us were too caught up in staring at the new iPad’s incredible Retina Display to care, but it bears mentioning that a major feature of the iPhone 4S was almost totally missing from Apple’s newest tablet.


Yes, She was somewhat represented by the little button that allows you to dictate text in certain applications, but in light of recent news, that limited functionality might have been nothing but a tease of what’s to come in iOS 6… Now, rumor has it that the full Siri experience is coming to iPad—and it could happen sometime this year.

So now we’re left to wonder, how will it look and feel to interact with Siri as a regular part of our iPad usage? Word is that despite the distance we usually keep between ourselves and our tablets, Siri will still be able to hear the spoken word and take action on sending messages, making reminders, checking the weather, searching the web, and all of that good stuff… Perhaps the most noticeable difference when using Siri on an iPad will be how the interface looks. But even that is easy enough to picture. We’ve seen how Apple makes the most of the iPad’s screen by relegating certain features to just a portion of the display—or on the foreground of other activity—and it would seem that Siri is a perfect candidate for that sort of integration.

But let’s not take iPad Siri for granted in iOS 6. Much should be learned come June 11 and the WWDC keynote. Only then will we really know what to anticipate once iOS 6 gets a release date.

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  • baby slings

    Siri is my new best friend. Seriously, what more could one ask for? But lets just wait for the 11th and not get our hopes up.

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