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Siri to be Vastly improved in iOS 6, Including Facebook Functionality and Availability on the New iPad

Today’s keynote presentation at WWDC 2012 wasn’t just about introducing brand new stuff. Good old Siri also got her due with the announcement of a whole slew of new features, and it’s looking like come Fall she’ll be more useful than ever (and also available on the new iPad)! Here’s a quick breakdown of her areas of increased knowledge:


During the presentation, it was mentioned that Siri has learned a lot since she’s been around. That’s definitely true, especially when you consider that she never knew a thing about sports before. Previously, you could ask Siri about the score of game, only to be directed to a generic web search. But now, our personal assistant is well-versed in the worlds of baseball, basketball, football, soccer, and hockey. She’s there with schedules, live scores, and even in-depth player stats.


Siri’s layered knowledge also extends to movies now. Sure, she’ll give you locations and showtimes for any given flick, but she’ll also offer trailers and Rotten Tomatoes reviews, as well as acting/directing credits and any associated awards.


You may already use Siri to find places to eat, but she should now prove more useful as a dining companion. Not only can you speak to make a reservation through OpenTable, but you’ll also see Yelp stars, price ranges, photos, and reviews. To get started, just tell Siri what kind of food you want to eat, or maybe tell her you’re looking for outdoor seating. Whatever your preferences, she can take them into consideration.

Facebook and Twitter

iOS 6 got the Facebook treatment, so now Siri acts as a ready conduit for all your statuses and commenting. Not only can you avoid typing while you network, but you’ll also find that iOS 6 serves up Facebook buttons wherever you might need them—like in your Camera Roll, Maps, Contacts, Calendar, Apps, etc…

App Launching

If you’re really averse to touching app icons (or maybe you’ve got dirty fingers or something), Siri can help. Just tell her to launch your favorite apps, and she’ll make it happen. It will just take time to see if we put this slight convenience to good use.

Eyes Free

For drivers of select vehicles, Siri just become more readily available. All it will take is the touch of a button on the steering wheel, and then you can commence to speaking with Siri while, you know, keeping your eyes free to watch the road. Got to say, I like the idea of having Siri so integrated into a vehicle that there’s really no reason to be tempted to look at your screen. We’ll have to see how quickly the car industry adopts the button!

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