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SlideWriter- Upcoming App that Lets You Edit Text on the iPad with Ease


Here’s an app that we’d love to see become a reality as soon as possible… After Daniel Hooper lit up the Internet with his concept video, an eager developer wasted no time in getting to work on an app that would bring the alternative iOS editing style to market. It’s not available just yet, but as seen at the end of the video below, you can help bring it to the App Store simply by letting the people behind SlideWriter know that you want their product.

… Of Course, in a perfect world, we could not only tell the makers of SlideWriter that we want their app, but we could also put a bug in Apple’s ear about how they should just go ahead and build this editing capability into the platform… But I should slow down; before any of us actually get our hands on SlideWriter—or any of the other implementations that are sure to happen—it’s too soon to say if we prefer it over the current iOS editing capabilities. However, I know one thing—typing on a touchscreen is one of the main turnoffs mentioned by those who have withheld from buying an iOS device, and this slick workaround could only help the cause of the iPad.

As it stands, SlideWriter will only exist as a standalone application (assuming that it is actually made and becomes available someday). It’s not clear if the developers will present it as a complete text editor, or as more of a demonstration to Apple of how editing SHOULD work. Either way, we’d love to give it a try.

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