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Star Wars Imperial Academy: Star Wars FPS Action on the iPhone and iPod Touch, FREE for all Recruits!

Free games are always worth checking out, especially when they’re first-person shooters with this much style. Those familiar with ngmoco’s Eliminate franchise will already have an opinion regarding the gameplay here, as the new Star Wars Imperial Academy Star Wars: Imperial Academy - ngmoco, Inc. basically takes Eliminate and gives it a Star Wars makeover.

A partnership between THQ and ngmoco is what made this possible, and players will get the full Eliminate gameplay experience (like it or not), as well as an immersion in the Star Wars universe. These four-player death matches take place in revered locations such as Hoth, Cloud City, Tatooine, etc. You get to play as characters you know and use weapons like the E-11 sniper rifle, ARC caster, and PLX-2M rocket launcher.

. . . Maybe all of that means more to you than it does to me. Anyway, the Star Wars Imperial Academy package is reminiscent of the Star Wars Battlefront series, but it seems like the whole thing will only go as far as the Eliminate engine will take it. It uses a typical dual-stick system (dividing the left and right sides of the screen for movement and aiming/shooting). However, we’re still a little puzzled by the auto-shoot feature employed by Eliminate. I guess it has its benefits, but in the end it feels like we’re far enough along in iOS gaming to be ready for the full challenge of firing ourselves . . . Regardless, the game is available for free, so Star Wars fans should definitely check it out, and so should those interested in trying out yet another take on iPhone FPS titles.

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