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Supermagical Review: Get it all in this Bubble-Popping RPG Adventure!

If the App Store is known for anything, it’s the immense variety that exists on those digital shelves. It’s the place for iPhone owners to go if they’re looking for something as practical as a flashlight or something as fun as virtual skee ball. And if you’re sticking in the games category, the options are just as diverse… With that in mind, it’s great when you can scratch a few gaming itches with one app, and Supermagical is a great example of just that. This game from Gala Pocket combines bubble-bursting and RPG elements, and the end product is a robust adventure sure to please gamers across generations.

It’s tough to summarize any part of Supermagical; from the story to the characters to the gameplay, everything is broad in scope and keeps you guessing along the way… But to set the scene, we’ll say this–Supermagical takes place across multiple continents and features a “cute little witch” named Nina, whose job it is to combat her Evil Witch Sisters and their accompanying tiny creatures called Minix. All these things come from the underworld, see, and so they’ve got to be dispelled. Nina’s means of fighting the Minix involve bursting tons of bubbles, but her powers multiply when magic and spells enter the mix… And so the adventure twists and turns, as Nina goes from stage to stage, picking up Chocopoints that can be spent on spells and other bubble-bursting trickery.

From stage to stage (there are 71 altogether), Supermagical is somewhat predictable. The challenge is to match three bubbles of the same color so that they disappear and clear the path for more matching to occur. What makes the bubble-bursting gameplay more interesting are the color-changing candies, exploding bombs, earned coins, and surprise puzzles that pop up along the way. Each little surprise is subtle on its own, but Gala Pocket packs the goodies in so tight that Supermagical’s pace never flags and you’ll find yourself 10 levels in before you know it. It also doesn’t hurt that the world is drawn in vivid colors and gorgeous animations–a feature which deserves a paragraph of its own…

Right from the launch screen, the animation-style graphics will catch your eye and draw you in to the mystical world where Supermagical unfolds. The backdrops are kept somewhat simple and flat, but that just means that all the decorative jewels, stars, and moving creatures stand out that much more. Visually, this is whimsical magic at it’s finest.

Where Supermagical is NOT at it’s finest is in regards to audio. You might not guess it, but tiny little colorful blobs from the Underworld can actually be pretty annoying, especially with the repetitive shrieking sounds they emit when dispelled. Supermagical says it’s “best with headphones,” which might be true–best for those who are in your vicinity when playing.

But assuming your ears can handle it, most players will find themselves enthralled with Nina’s tale and the unexpected turns that it takes. Once the Evil Sisters are sent back to the Underworld, I expect you’ll step back from Supermagical feeling satisfied on all fronts. As a bubble buster, it boasts a gorgeous interface that does the genre proud, and as an RPG and storytelling game, it’s far from shallow… With the promise of multiplayer modes on the way, it’s tough to think of an area where the game is lacking. And for a price so low, there’s no iPad owning age group that should avoiding picking it up today.

Our Score: 4 Out of 5

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