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Surprise! Apple announces 4th-gen iPad alongside new iPad Mini

In some ways, today’s Apple event met expectations. The Cupertino company did indeed announce the long-awaited iPad Mini, and upgrades were launched for other major products like The MacBook, Mac Mini, and iMac… But in a year that has already seen a new iPhone, new iPad, and now the iPad Mini, the most unexpected announcement made by Tim Cook and his team would have to be the 4th-gen, full-size iPad.

Maybe we were just too caught up in all the iPad Mini talk to see this coming, but right now it certainly seems like something that wouldn’t have happened back when Steve Jobs was in charge… After all, wasn’t it just about six months ago that we got “the new iPad”? Apple didn’t let those of us early adopters bask in our Retina Display glory for long, as now that 6-month old tablet is outdated and replaced by the 4th-gen.

Whether or not you’re ticked about two substantial upgrades in one year, it’s worth looking at what’s new… The 4th-gen iPad comes bearing an A6X processor, FaceTime HD camera, and Lightning connection port, just like the iPhone 5! In addition to those upgrades that will certainly make owners of the “other” new iPad cringe, the 4th-gen has expanded LTE support and Wi-Fi capability that Apple claims is much faster than that crappy old 3rd-gen model that’s been wasting away on store shelves for oh so long.

Tim Cook summed up this unexpected update by saying, “We’re not taking our foot off the gas.” That’s true, but they’re also not taking pains to space apart updates as had been the custom for many years under Steve Jobs.

So how do you feel about this 4th-gen surprise? Was it necessary or downright disrespectful to those 3rd-gen customers who still thought their device was something fancy? This new one starts at $499 as usual, so whether or not you approve, it’s going to be in the hands of a whole lot of customers in early November.

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  • rappr

    This is not unprecedented. Apple under Steve jobs did a $200 price cut for the original iPhone two months after release. You don’t know what Steve Jobs would or wouldn’t have done

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