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Dragon Hills: Destroy everything in your path as much as you can

Gone Free! Dragon Hill

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Gone Free! Cut the Rope Time Travel

Sago Mini Babies: A game for toddlers that teaches the value of caring for another

App for Kids! Sago Mini Babies


Table Top Racing, Little Inferno, Baseball Superstars 2013 and More in this Week’s Hot New Games in the App Store


Whether you’re a pyromaniac or a baseball fanatic, the App Store has got your number this week… We’ve got sequels, puzzles, racers, and more, so read on for details, trailers, and prices.

Table Top Racing

Table Top Racing Universal
(4.5 stars with 3063 Ratings)

The creators of WipEout are back with this successor to Micro Machines. It’s not the only racing option this week, but it does appear to be the one with the most flair.

Baseball Superstars 2013

Baseball Superstars® 2013 Universal
(4 stars with 8577 Ratings)

It’s the sports series that never loses any steam… Baseball Superstars has been a big name for iOS sports gamers for several years, and the developer looks to continue the trend in 2013 with this freemium title.

Pixel People

Pixel People Universal
(4.5 stars with 46687 Ratings)

It looks like Tiny Tower but with more pixels… While Pixel People bears a resemblance to NimbleBit’s sim management hit, you won’t be confined to one tower in this city builder. Try it out for free.

SlotZ Racer 2 HD

SlotZ Racer 2 Universal
(4 stars with 97 Ratings)

Fans of the original Slotz Racer will surely want to take a look at this sequel, which features more one-button racing and lots of new cars and tracks.


Sortee – a smart sorting game for clever kids Universal
(4.5 stars with 114 Ratings)

For those looking to sharpen their sorting skills this week, Sortee is the clear pick… It’s a free title that offers some fast-paced sorting that’s mixed with puzzle elements.

Little Inferno

Little Inferno HD iPad Only
(4.5 stars with 2033 Ratings)

You knew the pyromaniac reference would come full circle at some point. Little Inferno is a sandbox game in which the object is to send stuff up in flames. It’s seen life on PCs in the past, and the iPad version will cost $4.99.

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