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Contra: Evolution: One of the most iconic shooter games gets an iOS update and new life

Gone Free! Contra Evolution

Horn:  Epic RPG that Plays like Infinity Blade Meets The Legend of Zelda

Gone Free! Horn!

EPOCH.2: Grab this Top Notch Shooter for Free from IGN via Redeemable Codes

Free via Redeemable Codes: EPOCH.2!


Angry Birds [ 23 ]

Top 10 iPhone and iPad Games of March/April 2011

It’s spring time!  iPad 2 and the White iPhone launched.  Many great games were also released.  Order & Chaos, Gameloft’s ambitious Wold of Warcraft clone, showed the world how handheld MMRPG is supposed to be done.  Angry Birds used their popularity and a new game to help Rio the movie hit number 1 in the…(Read the full article)

Easter arrives early in Angry Birds Seasons update

The well of creativity has not run dry over at Rovio, where they continue to brainstorm new level packs for delivery with each new season. The last time we talked about this game, it was Saint Patrick’s day and Angry Birds Seasons got a green makeover. Now that it’s Easter, it’s all chocolate eggs and…(Read the full article)

Angry Birds Rio Review: High-Flying

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Angry Birds Rio, the quasi-sequel-cum-marketing tie-in that we’ve all been anticipating since at least this year’s Super Bowl. I suppose I wasn’t expecting much; I didn’t expect Rovio to do anything new — why mess with a winning formula, especially for something that’s not a “true” Angry Birds…(Read the full article)

Amazon App Store for Android Launches with Free Angry Bird Rio and Apple Lawsuit

This probably isn’t how Amazon envisioned the launch of their new alternative Appstore for Android devices. Only one day into the new venture-which was heralded by the offer of Angry Birds Rio for free—announcements have been made regarding an Apple lawsuit regarding Amazon’s use of the word “Appstore.” In addition, the Amazon Appstore for Android…(Read the full article)

Angry Birds Seasons get a St. Patrick’s Day Update

This is one of those holidays that some people tend to completely skip, while others go all out in celebration . . . This year, Rovio is doing what they can to make sure that not only the Irish amongst us get into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit. They’ve dressed the pigs in those leprechaun…(Read the full article)

Tiny Wings Review: Whimsical

Nowadays, whenever an app wants to get a little attention for itself, all it needs to do is knock Angry Birds from the top of the charts. It happened a few weeks ago when Bubble Ball briefly bubbled up to the surface, and it happened again this week when Tiny Wings, from independent app developer…(Read the full article)

A New Bird has Snatched the #1 Spot in the App Store, and it has Tiny Wings

We know that those green pigs make the Angry Birds—well, angry, but they’ve probably never been as incensed as they are today, now that a new bird has taken over the number one position in the top paid apps list of the App Store. The game is called Tiny Wings , and if you’ve never…(Read the full article)

Angry Birds Cake = Best Birthday Ever

In case they weren’t already, you can bet that the people at Rovio are now hard at work creating some edible Angry Birds to sell to the hungry masses. Mike Cooper of Electricpig recently released a video of the creation and destruction of a Angry Birds birthday cake. The video is going viral in a…(Read the full article)

Angry Birds Dethroned by Street Fighter IV in the App Store

As often as it pops up in the news, you might have expected Rovio’s Angry Birds to retain the top spot in the App Store for all eternity. Not the case, however, as Street Fighter IV has snatched it away, and is currently enjoy what may end up being a fleeting moment as the king…(Read the full article)

Angry Birds Mania! Valentine’s Day Edition and New Content for Original Angry Birds. . . Plus a Super Bowl Commercial!

This year’s batch of anticipated Super Bowl commercials will include a nod to iOS gaming. If that doesn’t mean we’ve arrived, then nothing will . . .  It won’t come as a surprise that this step onto the main stage is being led by Rovio and the Angry Birds . Somehow, by developing an incredibly…(Read the full article)

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