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Angry Birds - App Saga [ 13 ]

Angry Birds Rio Review: High-Flying


I wasn’t sure what to expect from Angry Birds Rio, the quasi-sequel-cum-marketing tie-in that we’ve all been anticipating since at least this year’s Super Bowl. I suppose I wasn’t expecting much; I didn’t expect Rovio to do anything new — why mess with a winning formula, especially for something that’s not a “true” Angry Birds…(Read the full article)

Tiny Wings Review: Whimsical


Nowadays, whenever an app wants to get a little attention for itself, all it needs to do is knock Angry Birds from the top of the charts. It happened a few weeks ago when Bubble Ball briefly bubbled up to the surface, and it happened again this week when Tiny Wings, from independent app developer…(Read the full article)

Angry Birds Cake = Best Birthday Ever

In case they weren’t already, you can bet that the people at Rovio are now hard at work creating some edible Angry Birds to sell to the hungry masses. Mike Cooper of Electricpig recently released a video of the creation and destruction of a Angry Birds birthday cake. The video is going viral in a…(Read the full article)

Angry Birds Mania! Valentine’s Day Edition and New Content for Original Angry Birds. . . Plus a Super Bowl Commercial!

This year’s batch of anticipated Super Bowl commercials will include a nod to iOS gaming. If that doesn’t mean we’ve arrived, then nothing will . . .  It won’t come as a surprise that this step onto the main stage is being led by Rovio and the Angry Birds . Somehow, by developing an incredibly…(Read the full article)

Rovio partners with Blue Sky Studios for Angry Birds Rio

Some people might take this as a sign that Rovio is selling out, but the majority of Angry Birds fans will probably just be thrilled that more content is headed their way. In not altogether surprising news, a major film company has taken notice of Rovio and their Angry Birds, and acted upon using the…(Read the full article)

Valentine’s Update coming to Angry Birds Seasons

Rovio is proving that they can revamp the Angry Birds to suite just about any season or holiday. Should you opt for the paid in-app purchase that will become available on February 14th, your copy of Angry Birds Seasons will get a Valentine’s Day makeover. This news is coming from an unlikely source. Rather than…(Read the full article)

Angry Birds Broadcast Show on the Way

Need a dose of Angry Birds from a source other than your iPhone? If you’re over the age of 10 and answered YES, then you’ve got some issues, but nevertheless, Rovio is aiming to please. Rovio CEO Mikael Hed has confirmed that broadcast content for his enormously popular franchise has been a main area of…(Read the full article)

Angry Birds Seasons Review: More Fun from the Dependable Franchise


There are not a lot of things in life that don’t benefit from getting a little Christmas injected into them, and Angry Birds follows this principle. Developer Rovio has taken their booming franchise and wrapped it up in shiny paper and ribbons for the season . . . What can you say about a game…(Read the full article)

Big Plans For Angry Birds Franchise Include Multiplayer and Sequel

Some developers may be content to just ride massive success and continue to capitalize with expansions and add-ons, but not Rovio. Perhaps it’s because they rightly suspect that they’re onto something bigger than the mobile experience they’ve created so far. Rovio CEO Peter Vesterbacka recently stated, “The aim is for Angry Birds to be bigger…(Read the full article)

Rovio Sells One Million Copies Of Angry Birds Halloween In Six Days

People continue to be crazy about Angry Birds. Whether it’s their devotion to getting revenge on those pesky pigs, or just the sheer fun of destroying stuff, it looks like the developer can’t go wrong in delivering new content to this eager throng. The recent Halloween expansion offered up 45 new levels, complete with smashable…(Read the full article)

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