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Moves:  A Health and Fitness App That automatically tracks your progress without fiddling around

Gone Free! Moves!

Sonic & SEGA All Star Racing Transformed:  The Sequel lets you racing across land, sea and air

Gone Free! Sonic Racing Transformed!

KingHunt: The Next Generation of Slicing Games with Stunning Muffin and Cupcake Characters

Gone Free! KingHunt!


Angry Birds [ 23 ]

Halloween App Reviews: Angry Birds Halloween — Sweet Treat

One of the things I love about the App Store is the way that game developers can drop a treat in the bucket of eager fans for the holidays. On Easter, Doodle Jump gave us bunny levels; for the World Cup, Zombie Smash reskinned itself in football finery; and now, for Halloween, Rovio serves up…(Read the full article)

Rovio Launches Angry Birds Halloween

In case the title of the app didn’t say it all, there’s a new version of the mega-popular Angry Birds in the App Store, and it’s tailored for this time of year. Angry Birds Halloween brings us 45 new levels for that same low price of 99 cents. These stages are all decked out with…(Read the full article)

Angry Birds Review: The Best of the Genre

After playing games like Ragdoll Blaster, I’d become convinced that physics-based titles weren’t really my thing. And at first, Angry Birds by developer Clickgamer didn’t change my mind. But about one hour later it was a different story. I became thoroughly hooked on Angry Birds, and remain so to this day. There are various reasons…(Read the full article)

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