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Gameloft Archives - App Saga [ 46 ]

Modern Combat 5 Review: Gameloft Delivers Another Solid Entry


Modern Combat 5: Blackout feels like a return to form for Gameloft’s popular FPS shooter. The franchise jumped the shark a bit with the IAP-laden MC4, but MC5 manages to shake off that misstep and deliver a solid FPS experience. The action in the MC games has always been CoD, more or less, and nothing…(Read the full article)

Hot New iOS Games this Week! Asphalt 8: Airborne, Smash Bandits, Anima, and More

Hey, how about taking a break from all your gold-colored iPhone dreams and enjoying the black or white one that’s in your hand? This week brings lots of new games in the App Store to help serve that purpose, and we’ve handpicked the best below. Read on for trailers and details. Asphalt 8: Airborne Asphalt…(Read the full article)

Gameloft Announces Onslaught of New Games at E3 2013: Modern Combat 5, Asphalt 8, Brothers in Arms 3, and More

In case you were wondering if Gameloft was beginning to slow down, the iconic iOS developer just overwhelmed E3 2013 with a whole host of coming titles, big-name franchises included… So if you enjoy Gameloft’s brand of FPS/racing/movie tie-ins/etc., there’s a lot to look forward to. Read on for what we know so far. Brothers…(Read the full article)

Order and Chaos Level 70 Update Diary: Finding New Builds And Grinding Through Under Realm

As promised last week, I’ve continued to dig into the new Level 70 cap update for Order and Chaos Online. As I noted last week, it really tweaked a lot of things about the way the game is played, so first impressions are not always best impressions. This week I took my level 60 mage,…(Read the full article)

Gameloft’s Order and Chaos Online Gets New Race, Christmas Content, and Price Cut!

As promised (though never previewed), Gameloft released a significant new update for Order and Chaos Online this week. While not as game-impacting as the last update (PvP Arena), the “Mendel Rising” update certainly brings some great new content to the App Store’s top MMORPG. The Mendel Rise The biggest new content in the game is…(Read the full article)

Bear Mounts, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Gameplay, & More Coming to Gameloft’s Order and Chaos Universe

Last week was a big week for Order and Chaos Online, Gameloft’s big MMORPG, with two big announcements about upcoming releases: the long-awaited PvP Update and the thinly detailed spin-off game Heroes of Order and Chaos. This week, Gameloft kept the goods coming, revealing more about these releases and ratcheting up the anticipation. In last…(Read the full article)

In App Purchases Boost Gameloft to Record Earnings. What Does It Mean For Order & Chaos Online?

This week, Gameloft announced that they had record revenues of 50.4 million Euros ($62 million) in Q2 2012. They credited the record on the successful implementation of IAP-fueled freemium and paymium games in the past year. Gameloft’s descent into the freemium model is something I’ve had my eye on for awhile. It began just after…(Read the full article)

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints Review: Freedom to Do as you Please


Could it be that the folks at Gameloft have finally got it right with Grand Theft Auto-styled role playing games? That would appear to be so in the case of their latest release, Gangstar Rio: City of Saints.   In the 3rd edition of the Gangstar series, players are this time taken to the exotic…(Read the full article)

Gameloft announces a Slew of New Action/Combat titles, Coming Soon

  Everyone has their own opinion about Gameloft and their questionable business model—which is best described as straight-up copying games that have come before. But nevertheless, the mega-developer isn’t slowing down a bit these days, as E3 saw them showing off a bunch of new titles which should all be available by later this year….(Read the full article)

Starfront: Collision HD Brings Amazing RTS to iPad

When Gameloft released StarFront: Collision for the iPhone, we here at App Chronicles gave it our highest rating. Now, that awesome RTS experience is coming to the iPad in the form of StarFront: Collision HD, a scaled-up version that’s sure to be just as great. StarFront: Collision HD bears a very close resemblance to Blizzard’s…(Read the full article)

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