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Sugar Roll:  Cute, Colorful Platformer for all ages

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Hot New Games - App Saga [ 127 ]

Are you searching for the hottest new iOS game releases? Every week we feature the most notable new iPhone and iPad game releases on the App Store here. We only show you the best new iOS games for the week so you don’t waste your time on those poorly made games.

Hot New iOS Games This Week (Oct 26). Tilt to Live: Gauntlet’s Revenge, Meter Maid City, RETRY, & More


Every week, hundreds, perhaps even thousands of games flood the App Store. It can be difficult to find fun, quality games in such a huge release of new games. We have done the research for you and pick out the games we feel should offer you the most out of your free time.

This week, our favorite games include Tilt to Live: Gauntlet’s Revenge, Meter Maid City, and RETRY. But there are more notable games that deserve your attention. Continue reading for the full list of games, trailers, and commentaries…. (Read More)

Hot, New iOS Games this Week (Oct 19): Angry Birds Transformers, Strung Along, The Silent Age, & More!


The biggest iOS game release of the week is probably Angry Birds Transformers. It not only mixes Angry Birds with Transformers, it also combines action shooter with physics puzzle game. There are also other games that might warrant your free time. Strung Along and The Silent Age are two fun games we recommend playing. We have also listed other new games that look promising. Read on for trailers and more…(Read More)

This Week’s Hot New iOS Games (Oct 11): Skylanders Trap Team, Cars: Fast as Lightning, Terra Battle, & More

Skylanders Trap Team

The biggest new game of the week must be Skylanders Trap Team. It is the same game that is being released on the consoles. Enjoy the same action adventure game as its console version with the same…(Read More)

Hot, New iOS Games This Week (Oct 4): Banner Saga, Bike Rivals, Drone: Shadow Strike, & More!


There are many fun new iOS games this week, and most of them are free games. The critical acclaimed tactical RPG has finally been released on the iOS. Bike Rivals surprises us with its level design and incredibly fun gameplay. Control a drone and support your ground forces in…(Read More)

Hot, New iOS Game Releases This Week (Sept 27): Turbo Dismount, FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, Puzzle Bandits, & More!


There are hundreds, if not thousands of new iOS games released every week. How you are going to find the games that are actually fun and interesting to play?

We have tried dozens of this week’s new games and picked out our favorites to share with you. Our top picks this week are Turbo Dismount, FIFA 15, and…(Read More)

[ New Game ] Turbo Dismount: Perform Crazy, Deadly Vehicular Stunts on a Variety of Customizable Tracks

Turbo Dismount™

Turbo Dismount™
(4.5 stars with 5706 User Ratings)
Universal App


One of the best PC and Mac physics simulation games has come to the iOS. It’s time to pick your vehicle, choose your obstacles, choose where you want be on the vehicle, and go on a crazy ride with a mission to cause the most damage… to yourself.

Yep, that’s the goal of Turbo Dismount. As a sequel to the popular Stair Dismount game, you play Mr. Dismount, and you’ll need to do your best to perform the craziest stunts and cause the most damage to your vehicle, yourself, and your surroundings. There are…(Read More)

[New Game] FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is the Latest FIFA Soccer Game by EA Sports

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team by EA SPORTS

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team by EA SPORTS
(4 stars with 20471 User Ratings)
Universal App


The newest FIFA soccer game is here, and it looks good!

The FIFA series on the iOS have always been an excellent sports game. In FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, the graphics gets better and the roster increases immensely. Join 10,000 soccer players from over 500 licensed teams and battle for…(Read More)

Hot, New iOS Games This Week. Spider-Man Unlimited, Chronology, DRAGON QUEST I, & More


There are a lot of great games released this week. Spider-man Unlimited is a surprisingly robust 3D runner game from Gameloft that combines running, dodging, fighting, and web slinging to this familiar game genre. Also available are Square-Enix’s Dragon Quest I and a well crafted puzzle platformer called Chronology: Time Changes Everything. Other games we like this week are The Sleeping Prince, Goblin Sword, Phantom Rift, Spymaster, and Kunin.

Many of the games mentioned above are free to play, so feel free to check them out during the weekend. Continue reading for trailers and commentaries…(Read More)

Hot, New iOS Games This Week (Sept 4): Angry Birds Stella, Valiant Hearts, Mikey Boots, & More


There are many notable new iOS games released this week. Among them, Ubisoft’s Valiant Hearts and Rovio’s Angry Birds Stella are our favorite new games this week. Valiant Hearts’ story driven WWI adventure and Angry Birds Stella’s lush graphics captured our attention the moment we launched each game.

Other notable game releases includes Sega’s Super Monkey Ball Bounce, King’s Diamond Digger Saga, and Mikey Boots, but these are not everything App Store has to offer this week. Read on for the full list of hot, new iOS games this week!(Read More)

Hot, New iOS Games This Week (Aug 30): BioShock, Tiny Tower Vegas, Madden NFL Mobile, & More

Hot, New iOS Games This Week (Aug 30): BioShock, Tiny Tower Vegas, Madden NFL Mobile, & More

Major game publishers are on a tear this week with the release of BioShock, Madden NFL Mobile, and more. 2K Games, Activision, EA, Ubisoft, and NimbleBits all have new games to offer iOS gamers. Among them, hard core gamers are probably most excited for the release of BioShock, a classic first person shooter console port…(Read the full article)

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Hot New iOS Games This Week (Oct 26).  Tilt to Live: Gauntlet’s Revenge, Meter Maid City, RETRY, & More

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Hot, New iOS Games this Week (Oct 19):  Angry Birds Transformers, Strung Along, The Silent Age, & More!

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