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Majesty: A Unique Fantasy Kingdom Sim You Have to Play!

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Atom Run:  Futuristic Platform Game with Many Surprises and Challenges

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iPad Apps For Work Archives - App Saga [ 12 ]

iWork Productivity Apps go Universal, Available for iPhone now

Those still confined to the smaller screen-space of an iPhone can now enjoy all the benefits of having the iWork suite on an iOS device. Apple has slipped their productivity software into the iPhone App Store, as the previously iPad-exclusive software have received an update making it universal. I guess this is good and bad…(Read the full article)

IPad Now Compatible With Desktop Version of Google Docs

While many of us just enjoy playing games, writing emails, and flipping through pictures on our iPads, there are a group of people out there who use them to get real work done. And those people have another tool now. Awhile ago, Google made it possible to edit documents from your iOS devices. This meant…(Read the full article)

Choosing the Best iPad Office Productivity App

[Update, February 2012 -- This review has been updated to reflect the current state of each app, including any changes, additions, or deletions to each app since July 2010.] iWork vs QuickOffice vs Docs To Go vs Office2 For most iPad users who want to make their device into a productivity machine, one of the…(Read the full article)

Office2 HD Review: Limited, Flawed


Office2 HD for iPad has been widely noted as the first cloud-friendly productivity option for the iPad. As such, its often the first to come up in conversations about productivity apps or office solutions. Its reputation is bigger than it is, however. As far as productivity apps go, Office2 is only a mediocre app that…(Read the full article)

Documents to Go Premium Review: Rough Around the Edges


In the realm of iPad productivity apps, Documents to Go by DataViz was one of the first to hit the App Store. It’s one that I have heard a lot about and more than once I’ve heard recommendations from an online friend or downloaded tech podcast. Perhaps it was because of all the positive recommendations…(Read the full article)

QuickOffice HD for iPad Review: Solid Workflow Support


Here we are, a few months after the launch of the iPad, and the device is still waiting for that killer productivity app, the one that will make it a vital workplace tool. A recent entry into the contest is Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite for iPad, the latest iteration of the popular Quickoffice line of…(Read the full article)

ToDo for iPhone and iPad Review: So Happy Together


The subject of this review is ToDo, the GTD (Get Things Done) system from Appigo. There are actually two ToDo apps, one for iPhone and one for iPad. Each is a phenomenal app by itself, but the two work even better together. ToDo (that’s “too-doo” BTW, not “toh-doh”) is a GTD app, a “to-do list”…(Read the full article)

Air Display for the iPad Review. Use Your iPad as a Second Wireless Monitor. FTW!


Air Display for the iPad is a new app that conveniently allows you to turn your iPad into a second, or a third screen for your computing pleasure!  No wires, no dongles, no USB connectors, this app works all on its own to provide you with a lot more visual real estate.  Developed by Avatron,…(Read the full article)

iWork Pages Review: Great Choice!


Update, 8/9/2011: This review has been updated to reflect the most recent version of Pages. The original version of this review, posted on May 28, 2010, gave the app 4 stars. I am not generally a Mac person. My experience with the desktop version of Apple’s iWork is limited to about 5 minutes. So my…(Read the full article)

GoodReader for iPad Review: GoodApp

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