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Contra: Evolution: One of the most iconic shooter games gets an iOS update and new life

Gone Free! Contra Evolution


Horn:  Epic RPG that Plays like Infinity Blade Meets The Legend of Zelda

Gone Free! Horn!


iPhone Calendar [ 4 ]

Integrate Google Maps with Your Default Calendar App with 4DCalendar: Maps + Calendar

Developer Gino Micacchi has a brand new offering in the App Store, and as the title implies, it looks to take you iPhone’s calendar feature and add a new dimension. Using 4DCalendar, the idea is that we’ll keep track of our daily events in both time and space—a feature that’s never been an option in…(Read the full article)

[ Gone Free ] iLockScreen Maker: Create A Fantastic Personalized Lock Screen, Free on 1/29

$0.99→FREECreate a awesome lock screen / i LockScreen Maker - Basic Frame (Wallpaper & Background) - YoungGam communication

Add a personal touch to your iPhone or iTouch when your light up the screen. With iLockScreen Maker, your LockScreen will become a fabulous welcome screen. Add a quick calendar to your home screen when you hit the home button. Select from dozens of effects and frames including the fantastic looking “heart” and “Apple Logo” frames. Add your favorite person or image and your home screen will look shockingly good. Give it a try and decorate your home screen like a pro.

App Store Score: 3.5-stars with 5 Ratings

You can also choose upgrade to the advanced version for hundreds of more skins and frames for $1.99.

Putting the Snooze Button on Your iPhone Calendar with Calendar Snooze. Grab 1 of Our 40 Promo Codes

You are a busy person.  Have you ever wished to put the snooze button on a calendar event?  Push it back 10 minutes so it will remind you again… and again until you finally give in?  This is exactly what Snozzical does.  Using your default calendar, Snoozical will allow you to snooze and remind you…(Read the full article)

[ Gone Free ] Calendar Event Quick Add-Quick and Easy Entry for Your Default Calendar App. Make Use Of It Again! Free on 11/6

$0.99→FREE Calendar Event Quick Add - Aaron McDonald
Tired of entering all those seemingly endless text entry boxes in iPhone’s default calendar app? Here’s an excellent and quick solution. With the Calendar Event Quick Add app, you can make use of your calendar again. Your entry in your calendar can be completed in just seconds. Simply enter something like this: “Go to Jason’s baseball game from 1pm to 5pm.” Select the date, and your entry is done!

Key Features:
- Add Calendar Events with natural language
- Entry to your Calendar in 3 easy steps
- Optional reminder for each calendar event
- Events are added directly to your default iPhone Calendar app.

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